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Default transport functions

When playing with the transport functions via OSC, I found out that they function quite differently than the GUI buttons with the same names. I assume that there must be some reason why play/pause/stop seem to be related in a way that is less than straightforward, to say the least. For a simple example, look at what happens when you send /play 1 twice in a row: the first time REAPER starts playing, the second time it pauses. I get feedback for /play, /pause and /stop.

If there is anyone who can explain how they are supposed to work, or even better, figured out how to replicate the complete transport panel using the default OSC configuration, I'd really appreciate a bit of explanation before trying to hack one together myself, as I'm not that familiar with the transport functions in REAPER at all (I typically don't use much more than the space bar to toggle start/stop and 'w' to rewind).
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