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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
indeed all makes sense, i was simply thinking of end use rather than the journey, being non coder man..

the quicker the method the more use it'll get of course, seems nice and easy to (mod)click a bunch of params and have them appear on the controller - right now we can click one param and it appear, and it would be a bit like an osc-type development of 'learn last touched parameter' - to get that to four or 8 isn't that hard maybe.

perhaps devs will consider and save you some fiddling.

the example of being able to control reaEQ is a good one, as 1st 3 params control just 1 band, can get non-useful v quickly.
Actually, I think such a learn feature would be even more useful when used with Track FX controls, because they already allow us to mix and match parameters in an arbitrary order, but also mix and match across several different plugins within the track. Unfortunately however, I still see no way of getting feedback for them, which currently makes them much less interesting to use - otherwise they would be my favorite group of parameters to control by leaps and bounds. So I still hope we will somehow be able to get that at some point.

The fiddling can be quite fun btw. But I'll gladly find something else to fiddle on for sure (did I mention parameter value rescaling yet? I also have a neat working proof-of-concept for that. )
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