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Btw, with regard to the ReaEQ example, not all of its parameters can be controlled; especially (band) type / (band) enable would be very useful on order to set up an EQ section that is completely controllable from a control surface.

I think we can expect a bunch of control-related FRs and bug reports coming up when more users are going to use REAPER's new OSC features. For another example, ReaDelay's lowpass and highpass filter frequencies should be scaled much better: imho they should follow the most used and generally accepted system for dividing the audible frequency spectrum in 128 discrete steps: the scale used for MIDI notes using equal temperament.

I guess it's best to put up a separate FR for such issues in the tracker, since they are, technically speaking, not strictly related to OSC (and worthwhile FRs in their own right)?
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