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Originally Posted by ambi View Post
[...] OSC messages are essentially function calls.
As long as we get callbacks. And since REAPER does not know about the API of any arbitrary caller of the function, the user still needs to be able to configure how REAPER should respond. Although I don't know much about REAPER's API, I think it does not seem to be a good place to do that sort of thing. Since we are (and imho should be, for the purposes of OSC support) allowed to tweak what REAPER listens to and says - i.e. /bang/this/beat instead of /play - such flexible names would not be a good thing for an API, since others should be able to rely on it being consistent.

I haven't been following the latest API developments, but I thought the latest changes to the API were mirroring some of the OSC-related functions? It may just be a matter of time before the API catches up.
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