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Default Osc,ReaScript?

Sorry if I am bringing up something that has already been discussed. I have not had the time to read through the whole thread.

I have been following this development a lot, and I am real happy for OSC support. However, I can't help but seeing a lot of overlap and inconsistency with the API that is already available in Reaper through python or using the SDK.
A recent example is I read about being able to control the media browser through OSC and MIDI. That's great, but why is this functionality not in the reaper API?

Being a software developer myself, I feel the most sensible way for users and reaper developers alike is to just implement every customizable feature in the API, and present a way for the user to map OSC or MIDI input to functionality in the API. Especially in the context of OSC this makes a lot of sense to me, since OSC messages are essentially function calls.

I hope you understand what I am getting at.
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