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When sending a preset change, the plugin parameter names and values are not getting updated in all cases (while the preset change itself does seem to work fine, of course assuming an appropriate configuration). For example, when using Cockos plugins such as ReaComp and ReaEQ, it doesn't seem to work. It neither seems to work with .rpl presets for the UAD VST plugins I tried. But for u-he Diva, when I use .rpl presets and switch between them, it does update all the parameters correctly (but not the name), for the AUi format, but not for the VSTi format.

When switching to another plugin slot or another track and back, the preset names do get updated correctly btw (so this provides a little workaround).

I have also tried to get preset numbers from REAPER as well, by adding some patterns using the i/ and f/ flags, but haven't had any success with that yet. Is there any way to get preset numbers directly, and set the preset directly by its number?
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