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Originally Posted by TeaBone View Post
I noticed that there's a different action description for both TRACK_VOLUME and TRACK_VOLUME_DB, but there's only ONE description for TRACK_SEND_VOLUME. BUT both values can be fetched from that action by extracting the "n" for the fader and the "s" for the string. The code looks as follows (change everything written in small letters at will, but keep the slashes ;-) ):

TRACK_SEND_VOLUME n/track/send/@/volume n/track/@/send/@/volume (Fader)
TRACK_SEND_VOLUME s/track/send/@/db s/track/@/send/@/db (Value, "x.xxdB")

So there's no need anymore to seperate it into TRACK_SEND_VOLUME and TRACK_SEND_VOLUME_DB like it is still done with TRACK_VOLUME and TRACK_VOLUME_DB.
Oops yeah, sorry, pasted the wrong pattern. But this one should already work from the default configuration (so, no need to edit it):
TRACK_SEND_VOLUME s/track/send/@/volume/str s/track/@/send/@/volume/str
What does seem to be missing compared to some previous builds though, is the possibility of getting the dB value without the suffix "dB". Meh, I can do fine without - I'll just slice of the last two characters if they should really bother me.
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