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Default "/track/send/@/volume/db" ?

Hi there!
Amazing work on the OSC front so far!

// But what happened to

"TRACK_SEND_VOLUME_STRING /track/send/@/level" ?

It isn't listed in the default.reaperOsc anymore, nor can I bring it back by adding it manually. I also tried using the new way of adding an "s", so it would be "s/track/send/@/level". Did you remove the feature of displaying the send level as a dB value intentionally? If so, could we please have it back?

:-) //

EDIT: figured it out by understanding the differences and possibilities of the various flags, in this case "n" for the fader (from 0 to 1) and "s" for the string (x.xx dB). I just had to name the corresponding patterns differently (e.g. "/track/send/@/volume" for the "n" version and "/track/send/@/level" for the "s" version). This is very flexible!

Another question: Is it possible to control Reaper with two or more OSC devices simultaneously (provided that REAPER_TRACK_FOLLOWS REAPER and DEVICE_TRACK_FOLLOWS DEVICE). I'm trying to give every musician with an iDevice the possibility to control their headphone mix via TouchOSC. Last time I tried (reaper416pre17 or maybe 18), the two devices I tried seemed to have cancelled each other out. I know that I'll have to watch flooding, so I'll be using the needed parameters only. Does anyone know what else there's to watch out for when using more than one OSC device?


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