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Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
[...] if i had only a single dumb physical midi control (fader or knob) or joystick, and a less-dumb osc device, I'd like to make that one physical control do many things depending on context (from reaper) and change function based on commands from the osc device.[...]
Using modifiers for control is very useful (I'm doing this quite a lot), but I don't think it would (currently) be easy peasy to implement in REAPER. Of course it would be possible somehow, but for now, this sort of thing can imho best be handled somewhere between REAPER and the dumb device. You should really give Max or Pure data a try for this kind of stuff, they are really built for such purposes. You can make a patch that interacts with REAPER, your smartphone running an OSC app, and your dumb MIDI device (etc.), and then hook things up pretty much any way you want to.

If you would send the MIDI from the dumb to the less dumb device first (e.g. iOS devices have decent MIDI support nowadays, and Pure data runs fine on them as well as on Android), REAPER doesn't have to implement anything at all either.

But you can also just use one dumb MIDI controller, where one knob sets the value and another sets the function. You really don't need OSC at all to use one controller as a modifier for the other. As long as you use some smart layer between the dumb MIDI device and REAPER.
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