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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I have a blank/zero Zone for the C4 included with Home:
Zone Home
		OnFXFocus MapFocusedTrackFXToWidgets
		SpotErase ToggleMapSends


	Zone C4_Buttons
		SlotUp Reaper _fba48393e4ca48f88d11cba0e4671ab3
		SlotDown Reaper _265b374bdcd740f7af4550cd986e4e9c
		TrackL Reaper _S&M_WNONLY1
		TrackR Reaper _S&M_WNONLY2
		Split Reaper _S&M_WNCLS3
		Split Reaper _S&M_WNCLS4
		Split GoZone Home
		BankLeft TrackBank -24
		BankRight TrackBank 24
		ChannelLeft TrackBank -1
		ChannelRight TrackBank 1
	Zone C4_BlankWidgets
		DisplayUpperA1 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA1 FXParamNameDisplay	"       "
		RotaryA1 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA1 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA2 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA2 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA2 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA2 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA3 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA3 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA3 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA3 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA4 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA4 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA4 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA4 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA5 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA5 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA5 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA5 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA6 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA6 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA6 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA6 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA7 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA7 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA7 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA7 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperA8 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		DisplayLowerA8 FXParamNameDisplay	"       " 
		RotaryA8 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushA8 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB1 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB1 NoAction 
		RotaryB1 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB1 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB2 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB2 NoAction 
		RotaryB2 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB2 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB3 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB3 NoAction 
		RotaryB3 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB3 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB4 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB4 NoAction 
		RotaryB4 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB4 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB5 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB5 NoAction 
		RotaryB5 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB5 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB6 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB6 NoAction 
		RotaryB6 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB6 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB7 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB7 NoAction 
		RotaryB7 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB7 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperB8 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerB8 NoAction 
		RotaryB8 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushB8 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC1 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC1 NoAction 
		RotaryC1 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC1 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC2 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC2 NoAction 
		RotaryC2 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC2 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC3 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC3 NoAction 
		RotaryC3 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC3 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC4 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC4 NoAction 
		RotaryC4 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC4 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC5 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC5 NoAction 
		RotaryC5 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC5 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC6 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC6 NoAction 
		RotaryC6 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC6 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC7 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC7 NoAction 
		RotaryC7 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC7 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperC8 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerC8 NoAction 
		RotaryC8 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushC8 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD1 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD1 NoAction 
		RotaryD1 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD1 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD2 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD2 NoAction 
		RotaryD2 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD2 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD3 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD3 NoAction 
		RotaryD3 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD3 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD4 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD4 NoAction 
		RotaryD4 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD4 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD5 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD5 NoAction 
		RotaryD5 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD5 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD6 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD6 NoAction 
		RotaryD6 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD6 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD7 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD7 NoAction 
		RotaryD7 NoAction 
		Toggle+RotaryPushD7 NoAction 
		DisplayUpperD8 NoAction 
		DisplayLowerD8 NoAction 
		RotaryD8 NoAction
		Toggle+RotaryPushD8 NoAction 

	Zone Send|1-8
		DisplayUpperD|  TrackSendNameDisplay
		DisplayLowerD|  TrackSendVolumeDisplay
		RotaryPushD| TrackSendMute
		RotaryD|  TrackSendVolume	
It loads on start up so you get rid of the 'Mackie Control C4 Pro' blurb.
Yet again.
Cheers buddy
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