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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
It's definitely not you

I just completely uninstalled and re-installed Reaper, trashing all the prefs, all my customisations etc. Completely vanilla. With the latest CSI build, same weird behaviour.

I have to go back to 27/6/2019 for it work again with a new, Windows created project.

Weird thing is, all my recent Mac created projects work just fine with the latest build on Windows.
Equally weird is that any I have that fill the 16 track of XT and mcu "seem fine" (once i show csi pref) until I start deleting tracks then they move to the right as I go below 16.

27/6/2019 that ties up with me, I have it down as 29 but I think I was just sleeping for a couple of days lol.
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