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Originally Posted by thequietroom View Post
i think (and others may correct me) that its probably better to stay at 44.1 for tracking than to convert from 48 to 44.1. It has to do with the math and Ive read a lot indicating that that conversion can be destructive. I dont think it will cause the problem your describing however.

It comes down to this either there is a problem with the rendering ( and/or conversion to mp3) or it is really a problem with your signal chain and you may be hearing it louder in the project thinking it sounds better.

Render it to a lossless format, pull that file back into reaper, solo it and play it. Is it good or bad?
im rendering to wav... when i mix down im rendering to 48khz at 24 bits. insert steero file into new project send to aux with fx chain master fader at z with nada on it render to 41khz 16bit still wav... place on ipod (still in wav mind you no converting to mp3 at this point) turn on vehicle and (POOP) sound vomit.... doesn't sound anything like what im hearing before i render.. but im gonna try leaving everything at 41khx 16bit to see if that works however my only questin would be...

"if im not changing the frq or bit rate should i uncheck dithering and noise shaping?
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