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Originally Posted by Bansaw View Post
Push and Maschine are quite expensive, but is there a way to get near their functionality with a simple mini midi keyboard and some clver setting up in Reaper?
Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Yes, for the most part, but you will end up paying in time to set up all your samples. I've been using my Maschine Mikro for years and I'd never go back to my clunky free sampler days. I've paid for my time back 100 times over.
This 100%.

If your time is worth nothing then you can waste many hours attempting to mimic the functionality of Maschine with REAPER and you will still only get close. Then there's locating samples to use...

I bought a Maschine Mikro Mk2 used on eBay for like $200 which included the software license. You HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL when getting a used Maschine to ensure that the software is transferred with the unit. There are a lot of Maschine controllers being sold without software. If the seller has never heard of a License Transfer ID then you should just avoid them.

PUSH is waaaay more expensive, so I've never used it. I'm pretty sure that the PUSH controller comes with NO SOFTWARE AT ALL. Looking back, if I'd have had like $500 more dollars to spend I would have gotten PUSH instead. Oh wait... I didn't have $500 to spend at all, which is why I bought a second-hand Mikro.

I be honest. I love my Mikro. It was worth every penny.
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