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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
If a JSFX plugin can be found that uses channel pressure (AT) imn a way similar to what you like to have and fits the bill in other aspects, it should be doable to enhance it to listen to poly AT.

Well that one Bri1 mentions above was made to emulate Maschine behavior using channel pressure. But then there's what ED says about AT not being bipolar, and thus having velocity scaling limited by the first hit, so there might be something else behind the scenes that we're not aware of. In any case, OP still hasn't been back to clarify exactly what they want to do.

Either way, if you're keen on making a full-fledged Note Repeat JSFX, I'm willing to work with you on that, though I don't know code. But with the extra features I suggested, you'd likely end up with something quite beyond anything that currently exists.
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