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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
It's a feature common to drum machines but found rarely elsewhere. You set the beat interval and the notes you hold on your drum pads repeat at that interval, while held, and their volume responds to how hard you press.

I've looked high and low. Yea you can use an arpeggiator to keep repeating a held note at a certain interval, but show me one that can vary the velocity in response to poly aftertouch. Doesn't exist in the free realm afaik, and I'm not sure it does in the commercial realm either.

There are some methods of varying velocity with aftertouch, but multiple notes at once, each with unique variations of velocity? Not so much. I don't doubt that someone could code it if they wanted to, but it seems to me that no one yet has.
look up "pushbike" js by ijinijijnn or however he named himself
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