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Default Using loops in midi slave mode

Hi, in my normal workflow I make a lot of use of loops (select a few bars and make it loop). But sometimes me and my friends come together to jam with computers with reaper, but also a lot of hardware synths, which are synced with a midi clock coming from a Arturia Keystep Pro. My reaper is mostly in midi Slave mode (MTC or SPP) on these jam sessions. This works, but the problem is, in midi Slave mode I can't use loops anymore, it just goes further on the timeline. The workaround is to copy my short midi files on the tracks for 3 hours or something, but that's not a creative way of making music, while working with loops is supercreative (in my opinion). Another workaround is to use other sequencers, but I find the midi editor is reaper really good as sequencer.

So my question: is there a way to make use of loops in reaper while in midi Slave mode?

I've searched the forum but couldn't find an answer.
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