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So, Midi has only one pan control per midi channel. Usually an instrument uses only one midi channel, so all the notes on that channel can have only one pan setting at a time.

A few options:
1) Create a Midi control envelope that changes to a new pan setting for each note, all on the same midi channel the instrument uses.

2) Set the 16 midi channels to various 'static' pan settings, for example Ch. 1 hard left, gradually changing to Ch. 16 at hard right. Pick out various notes and change their channel to the one with the pan setting you want. Depending on your synth, you might not be able to use channel 10 for this, since it is reserved for drum sounds in General Midi.

3) Wait till the midi has been changed to audio and use an auto-panner plugin such as JS Ping Pong Pan (included with Reaper).
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