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Default MIDI: Panning individual notes?

First off, is this even a good idea to do, with something that would sound good with a large stereo width... say a plucky sound playing every 16th, bouncing around the stereo field? I mean would it sound too annoying to have individual notes bouncing around. I seem to hear that in electronic music, from time to time, so I wouldn't think it would be bad, but figured I'd ask, as I'm fairly amateur at all of this. And when I'm talking about notes bouncing around, I mean that the full duration of the note is played in the stereo space it started in vs. doing something like using an LFO to slowly pan things around and could make a long note start on one side of the stereo field and be on the other (or back again, or back several times) in the span of the note duration. The latter is an effect I might use on occasion, but it's a completely different sounding effect, and I'd like to be able to do the former as well.

So if this isn't a bad idea... how can I automate this in Reaper easily, if at all? Would I have to assign a panning position (i.e. CC10) to each note individually in the MIDI editor or is there a way I can automate this?

I know some VSTis like Serum allow you to do this right in their GUI, but I'm wondering if there is a good way to automate this without having to rely on VSTi functionality (via plugins would be fine).

From Googling, I know I can duplicate a track, hard pan both in opposite directions, and then delete half the notes from each, but I'm hoping for a solution that doesn't involve too much added CPU overhead. And well, I'm convinced that there are a few Reaper geniuses roaming this forum, so...
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