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Originally Posted by worldwideweary View Post
Kinda new here, so maybe this isn't equivalent, but it looks similar:

1) Ctrl+Drag to copy into another track
2) Drag as a loop for 'painting'
3) Split at loop point (script available with keyboard shortcut)
4) Drag edge to resize all

Looks like it works similarly?

It's fairly quick to achieve, e.g.:

That's the way i do it also for now but it's not the same thing at all compared to FL duplication.Here's why:
In FL in order to loop a section you just click on the item and it automatically
loops that section when you paint it.
In Reaper you can assign that action of course in media item left click modifier so it does the same thing as fast as FL.
Now here's the part where the biggest difference is.
If i want to make the item smaller that the grid line, Reaper loops that section off the item next to each other and it doesn't snap to grid each portion of the looped section. It would happen if the area shown in the next pic, could snap to the next visible grid.

i want to make a new feature request about it so that we can snap the looped area to the grid and if we don't want to snap to the grid to draw the looped section next to each other as it is now.
This could be a huge improvement for editing. They made exactly the same for midi editor by painting the notes on grid or ignoring snap. They should do it for the items as well!
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