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Originally Posted by Thuneau View Post
I think that taking inspiration from something like SmartAV Tango would be the way to go. Provide a set of hardware buttons, faders and encoders and delegate the software part to a tablet that would live in/on the controller. An Android tablet usually has a USB port that will talk to keyboards and mice. So make the controller appear as a keyboard/mouse combo to a USB master. Make it open source so that people can add features and support for various plugins and software.
That is really a neat idea, but i don't think that they should appear as keyboard and mice for the tablet, even if this would work (i don't see how you transfer simultanious movements of x faders via keyboard and mose) that would be really a ugly hack. I think a better option would be to connect the hardware to a controller that converts them to MIDI messages and that the controller register itself to the tablet as a generic midi interface (i hope Android come with a driver for generic midi interfaces, i'm not sure about this).
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