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The thread discussing the undocumented buggy hopefully soon to be documented stuff which I didn't recall quite as accurately as I wished:

I also know some functionality changed between firmware revisions. And anything you can find by Andras Szalay should be good since I think this is the guy who developed it.

With pitch bend enabled and fast legato etc... I somewhat bailed on pitch bend in general because it felt a little out of control when I wasn't bending. Didn't seem up to snuff but I consider it the nature of the beast. I know that the biggest success I had was manually setting the hardware to use pb mode, then tweaking the pb range in the synth I used in reaper. That was the only way to get close to 1/2 step on the guitar to be 1/2 step on the instrument. But yea, pb worked but I stopped using it for normal use. AKA I don't have pb enabled but if I need it, I'll enable it just long enough for that particular passage.
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