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Originally Posted by shredingskin View Post
I have a question that maybe someone here can answer.

I use the TP in hardware mode, but I don't seem to get pitchbend data on any channel, I looked into the manual but it doesn't say much (or at least I didn't read it well). Someone knows why is this ?
There is a trick such as button up then left or similar as part of or in addition to the process of placing in hardware mode. Its undocumented but I have found it through trial and error. if you check out vguitar forums or whatever it is called there is a thread there somewhere where the developer of TP and others explain this. I could tell you better but I haven't set it lately and sort of forgot the exact procedure.

IIRC they are refining the firmware and hardware documentation so there are quite a few features that can be used via hardware that are still undocumented. Additionally, I hear you might get weird or unexpected behavior on some button combination choices.

You can also run the TP software as a VST inside of reaper. I haven't found much use for it other than an easy way to enable pitch bend but I did figure out how to load it as a VST if needed; it then receives midi from reaper which the TP vst passes through to the VSTs it is hosting.
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