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Default Easy soundcard shift/secoundary sound card.

Okay here is my story..
I just got me a laptop and are using for the most my usb soundcard.
But oftens it happends that i just want to listen to the track and maybe do some editing that isnt time critical. But if my card is missing i god promted that the audio device isnt there. And it takes many clicks to lets say use the default windows soundcard. And then again if i plugged my usb card in again i have to do many mouse clicks again to change it back to the "asio" driver again..

The possibility to ad a primary and secondary soundcard, with different drivers. And the only notification should be a little text box that fades after a few seconds.
If the primary isnt available then use the secondary soundcard.. without all the preference editing.

An easy workflow.

Its irritating changing the soundcard device every now of then.

Implementation suggestion:
A little button or tap in the preference-audiodevice thar let make choose a primary sound card and driver used with it and a secondary sound card and a driver used with that!

( And not in the reaper v6 editing ) i only got the license fof the 4 and 5 versions 😀
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