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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Let's just agree that we name the widget EXACTLY the same as is printed on the surface.
Dud you take a look at the XControl compact ?

Faders have just numbers 1 .. 9.

Rotaries also have just numbers (1 .. 16)

Most buttons have no names.

some have unprintable symbols.

I suggest using

F1 ... F9 for Faders
FP1 ... FP9 for Fader Touch
R1 ... R15 for Rotaries
RP1 ... RP15 for rotary Push
BA1 ... BA8, BB1 ... BB8, BC1 ... BC8, BD1 ... BD9, BE1 ... BE2, BF1 ... BF2, BG1 ... BG2, BH1 ... BH2 for Buttons (the two "H" buttons are not accessible in the current firmware release - they are assigned in Mackie Mode)


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