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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I see. But I do suppose this is just a Mackie speciality (Weirdness).

OTOH my XTouch Compact sends rather standard Midi messages:
Note on / Note off for button push and release (including rotary top).
Note on / Note off for Fader touch
CC for fader or rotary move (send and receive)

Seems like rather appropriate, and high resolution CC would be a logical extension.

Hence the Mackie way should not be the (only) basis of your file format, but HR CC should be definable as well.


Note on is the same thing as 90 in hex.

So the Mackie is not strange at all, the X Touch mimics most of the Mackie dialect.

I'm just saying do not think of these numbers as Note On, CC, PB, etc.

There is no C#3 on an X Touch, there is a Mute button.
Now C#3 and Mute button may both be 90 34, but they have a totally different meaning.

To me at least using midi note terminology is confusing and inaccurate when talking about control surfaces.
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