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Originally Posted by matey View Post
dunno, mates....
not so accustomed with big consoles emus here, but I cant really get the point with them, please help.
how do they dramatically improve your mix workflow or sound in a way you couldn't easily do with a bunch of properly chained JS and or VoS or Stilwell plugin, to say a few?
is there that badly emphasized 2-6khz's of digital harshness that make you mad and you cant even tame with an eq?
or is there some sort of nice sounding compression you couldn't get with nowadays plugs?
maybe, is it a sort of out-of-the box presets with these large consoles emulation that make you dreaming with suggestive names?
I do really want to know better, serious...
There is a free Nebula, to get the idea with. But what it does to my audio is not a placebo effect. But it is also not dramatic. It is subtle like a long analog signal chain with really nice gear. Try the free version and use it all over a mix, not just here and there. Nebula will eat your CPU up, so be ready to freeze tracks and have a very slow work-flow. But if it sounds good, then the adjustments are just adjustments, not handicaps.
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