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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
I'm not interested at all in whether it can be labelled "professional". I'm sure anyone who calls himself a professional can judge that for him/herself just fine.

But I am willing to spend time, money and/or CPU cycles to get great quality. So I'm still very interested to hear an audio example comparing some Nebula preset/patch to any alternatives, where Nebula sounds better (objectively or subjectively). Because I still haven't heard one yet, and I'd rather not have to buy it just to find out if I like it or not. So I'll ask again: can anyone show me an example of Nebula doing the kind of thing that the UAD Moog Multimode Filter does, as well or better? Either the saturation/overdrive part of it, or the resonant filters, I'm interested in both.
Sorry Banned, I can't help you there. I've never heard/used the UAD Moog Multimode Filter. While Nebula does a great job on the saturation and harmonic enrichment department, it doesn't handle distortion too well (nor abrupt dynamic changes). If you're looking for a good equalizer for instruments or vocals, then it's the best you can buy nowadays but if you want to be creative with filters and whatnot, then don't spend your time, look somewhere else. Andrew Simpler will release a filter very soon and it sounds amazing, I'd dare to say it is the best filter I've heard so far (for creative stuff). You can hear some audio demos (or read about it), here:
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