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Originally Posted by antiClick View Post
Definetly better. Sorry if it sounded a bit rude... forget about the word 'professional'
Sure I'm biased by the fact I alwys try to earn by hour spent, and that musicians expects my computer to be fast (and sound brutal of course).

I'v been following Nebula since day one. I'v had it installed, forced to use it, keep experimenting over different materials. It's just I think it's not ready for when the musician crosses the door.

Sure it will, but today its time for the algo simulations mentioned in the topic. IMVHO
I hear ya. I also expect to be paid for my time, but I guess I use a different model to assess my productivity. I also do some non-musical work for money (not as much, but still) in the gardening world. In that work, I always bid out work based on what kind of time and materials it will require to do a great job. The client then agrees or disagrees. If in agreement, I do the work and give them a kick-butt job. Sometimes I am able to do it in less time, and sometimes I take more time than expected. But the price was agreed on and that's the price they pay (excluding any huge differences, of course). I have found that this model works great in my audio work. It is streamlined, straight forward, and it places the value on what i think is the most important thing; THE AUDIO, not on my minutes. If they love the work, and love the price, and I make money, then there is a long-term mutually rewarding relationship. AND the world gets more awesome music! Anyway, so in regards to the whole Nebula vs time thing, I choose to eat up a few pennies vs time in order to not sacrifice the quality of the end product. If I can pre-process some tracks through Nebula at a little bit of my cost, as opposed to using what my ears feel is second choice, than I am fine with that. AS Mercado mentioned, it isn't much different than a studio using one or two of it's favorite eq's or preamps on multiple tracks... it's just time.
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