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Originally Posted by richie43 View Post
Dem be fightin werds......
Bad word choice, let me rephrase.
Nebula is an excellent professional choice, no doubt. Maybe the very best in regards to sound.


I eat up the little extar time for the sake of the awesome and yes, professional sound. Is that better? LOL.

Definetly better. Sorry if it sounded a bit rude... forget about the word 'professional'
Sure I'm biased by the fact I alwys try to earn by hour spent, and that musicians expects my computer to be fast (and sound brutal of course).

I'v been following Nebula since day one. I'v had it installed, forced to use it, keep experimenting over different materials. It's just I think it's not ready for when the musician crosses the door.

Sure it will, but today its time for the algo simulations mentioned in the topic. IMVHO

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