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Nebula is a professional tool because it delivers the best quality available when it comes to equalizers, consoles and tape emulations. The problem is you can't really "mix" with it. There's a difference, at least from my point of view, between "mixing" and "pre-processing". The latter doesn't help to take informed decisions based what you're hearing in your mix. I did a mix yesterday where I used Nebula intensively and though I did it quick I spent like 2 hours "pre-processing"... and it was quick because I know what to use already and when, now imagine someone using it without too much experience with libraries. Equalizers are another matter, you can treat those like hardware, i.e., since there's always one or two pieces of the same unit in studios you have to bounce/render/record instruments/vocals one by one. You can apply the same approach with Nebula EQ's and doesn't feel like "spending too much time".
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