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Originally Posted by ngarjuna View Post
I use Nebula regularly on every project, with every client. The notion that it can't be used professionally is ridiculous.
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Bad word choice, let me rephrase.
Nebula is an excellent professional choice, no doubt. Maybe the very best in regards to sound. I use it on every project as well. But if I had someone looking over my shoulder, and they are more accustomed to a more "traditional" work-flow in a digital studio, and they are also paying by the hour instead of by the project, then I myself would probably choose not to start loading up Nebula presets until they are gone (unless I just have to!). I have seen people twitch and get pretty uneasy when they are looking at their pocket-book as each instance is loading.... I would probably opt to use Nebula when they are gone, produce an amazing product at a price that they agree to, but not get my normal "hourly" rate. I eat up the little extar time for the sake of the awesome and yes, professional sound. Is that better? LOL.
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