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yea ... I'm starting a multi-trk mix using NEBULA as the main plug. This is sort of a test run, as I primarily was doing mastering [which still required pre-renders. NOW trying to work in a mixing situation ... oh my ... it is a painfully slow process :|

During this time, I KEEP trying to find 'algo' substitutes that 'closely' resemble certain NEB libraries, so that I could 'sketch out' tracks, then go back and sub NEBULA with the algo settings.

There is a free 'Neve-ish' EQ that uses the same freq & Q choices from AlexB's MWeQ. I'm still experimenting, but I NOT so certain that the translation from algo to NEB is anywhere near 1:1. A quick check with VSTAnalyzer shows that NEBULA vs algo are only 'similar'.

Well, its still a developing idea for work flow ... open to ideas/suggestion.
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