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Because I come from analog audio background, and remember what happens to, for example, a guitar track, after it has traveled down a long chain of hardware, I have a different outlook and outcome with all of this console stuff. I use alot of Nebula emulations, and not just console presets. I use preamps, tubes, tapes, consoles, saturation.... OMG, it's a huge job and a terrible work-flow. But I end up with audio that needs much less eq's, compressors, etc. It is not a subtle effect; it is a fat, warm, and very harmonically rich audio file. Yes, it is digital, and yes, it is emulation, but I tried to love all digital audio, I gave it a fair try. But my ears were ready to invest in a room full of hardware and I just don't have the money or space. But this slow as molasses work-flow is not for clients, this is me working on my own music. If a client is near, Nebula stays hidden and they get what I call (not to their face) my second string pro plugins. But in regards to the effects being worth it or not, that is completely dependent on your ears, needs, tolerance, and patience.
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