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Originally Posted by Stu View Post
There a few different ways you can use Satson (and no doubt the others too) but I use it as the first effect on every track and buss. I set the gain as though I was using the trim control on a console, aiming for around 0Vu on steady-state material like guitars, vocals, aiming for less on transient rich material. I might push it with a touch more drive to certain channels if I want things more saturated (kick drum, bass guitar, sometimes the drum buss) and then I place all other effects after Satson in the chain. I rarely go back and adjust levels in Satson as I've usually got a pretty good idea of how hard I want to push it before I start mixing.

Edit: to clarify the reasons I use it this way, if Satson is placed at the end of the effect chain of each track, then every change of dynamics or Eq will affect its behaviour. Whilst this is more akin to mixing on a real console, placing it at the start of each chain makes things more predictable and controllable. Having to push the faders up on the drum channels on real desks just to get a particular sound is something I and plenty of other engineers I'm sure, consider a limitation of that technology in many ways.
Originally Posted by RSG View Post
I use Satson just like Stu does in the post above.
Before buying Satson I was using the DAW channel fader as a combination of trim plus mixer - with Satson I can use the channel fader purely for mixing.

I will also use the Satson filter to roll off the very low bass (20 - 40 hz) as I have a budget system so it is a bit of an unknown if I were to leave it in.
Originally Posted by pcmusicpro View Post
The same here. I use Satson channel in the first slot of every audio track and Satson Bus in every Aux/folder track. I use it as trims to get my incoming signals to -18dBFS for the RMS level or to -6dBFS for the peak levels (mostly on drums and percussion. I use the hi pass filter too when needed and I think it's very handy. In my 2Bus track I put Satson Bus too with Cytomic's The Glue and that's all, I start my mixing without looking back too much to change the settings on Satson and The Glue. Having those plugins placed before the mixing process starts makes me decide my EQ or Dynamics setting through Satson and The Glue and the results are fine to me.
Thanks for responding, it would apear we have a unanimous opinion on how its used best

Now, for me its a matter of which one to get, Satson $39.00 or Stripbus $29.00, VCC requires ilock which i don't have.

Stripbus seems to have a little more going on, different console types and bus comp and is the cheaper of the two but is it the better value ?

Anyone have both of these, which one do you prefer ?

Thanks again

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