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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
I think this is a matter of taste and opinion, because I know exactly what Mercado is referring to. Have you ever had a chance to run some ITB tracks out of the DAW and through a chain (not just an input) of analog gear like a console, tape, back into the console, tube pre's etc? It really is something that can be sensed in the audio as well as what is audible. It changes the sonic power or energy of the audio (not in a flaky hippie way, but in a tangible scientific way). While these plugins are emulations, some of them are quite complex and begin to give digital audio some of that color that people are referring to. It certainly is not for everyone, some of you LIKE pristine digital audio. But some prefer the imperfections and color of some of that flavor. I used to work with all analog, and you would most certainly mix into your compressors, eq's tape machines, etc. That was the best (and only) way to make decisions, there was no waiting until tracking was done sometimes. I know, we are in a new century and don't need these limitations, right? Sometimes the things that are considered limits are what set our creativity free. I love what Nebula does to my audio and don't mind the various libraries I need to buy. It is much cheaper than a roomful of high end hardware and better sounding to my ears than a slew of algo plugins. To each their own, for sure.
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