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Originally Posted by ngarjuna View Post
Totally reasonable assessment. Honestly, it's console emulation; if the consoles you were wanting to emulate (the greatest desks ever made) made night and day changes to your audio they wouldn't be considered the greatest desks ever made. That's why I tend to dislike any console emulation that's "easy" to hear; that's not how great consoles work.
That's why I said in an earlier post that it is the subtle sonic build-up that makes an analog signal chain (or Nebula chain or any great emu chain) so magical. But let's not forget the humor in all of this; those very qualities that we crave from the analog days are the same qualities that artists and engineers felt like they had to tolerate..... the crosstalk, the build-up of "noise", the "imperfection... lol. Just look at the other hugely popular and sought after emulations; the tape!
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