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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Did you try the UAD Studer A800? They snatched a TEC award for it this year, so I guess some people must really like what it does.

Also, anyone using Airwindows plugins? Any opinions as to how they compare?

As for Nebula, I still don't get it. I tried the free version, and found absolutely nothing interesting sound-wise (and a terrible UI). I keep hearing recommendations from very enthusiastic Nebula users though. Is the non-free version simply the worst demo version imaginable? Can anyone point me to an audio demo of, for example, overdrive that holds up against the UAD Minimoog Multimode Filter (even at static settings, disregarding the tweakability factor)?
I hated the Nebula free version. It brought my quad core to a halt, but that WAS a few audio engines ago. And in regards to it's flavors, it can be pretty subtle, but it IS all about analog emulation. It shines when you use a bunch of Nebula all over a project. It's not like slapping a flanger or delay on a guitar and going "WOW", but it is more like tracking a whole song on all analog; consoles, preamps, tube gear, tape..... Like Ngarjuna said, it is a complete shift of what work-flow means. But as a guy who used to do all analog and hated what I was hearing coming from ITB (Yes, even the good stuff), Nebula restored my excitement for ITB work. Not the best tool to "show off" if a paying client is looking over your shoulder, and in a hurry, pinching pennies.... lol. But an A/B between non-Neb and Neb.... My ears have never been happier.
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