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Originally Posted by danfuerth View Post
[...] nothing is like a studder 16 track tape recorder. However this digital realm is almost there, maybe in a few more years. [...]
Did you try the UAD Studer A800? They snatched a TEC award for it this year, so I guess some people must really like what it does.

Also, anyone using Airwindows plugins? Any opinions as to how they compare?

Originally Posted by ngarjuna View Post
The best is Nebula. Best selection, best value, best sound. Not the best in terms of resource consumption, it's very heavy...but you get what you "pay" for, it takes cycles to perform emulations that sound that good.
Originally Posted by richie43 View Post
I am admittedly a Nebula-holic. That stuff is awesome and my analog ears will never be satisfied without it. [...]
As for Nebula, I still don't get it. I tried the free version, and found absolutely nothing interesting sound-wise (and a terrible UI). I keep hearing recommendations from very enthusiastic Nebula users though. Is the non-free version simply the worst demo version imaginable? Can anyone point me to an audio demo of, for example, overdrive that holds up against the UAD Minimoog Multimode Filter (even at static settings, disregarding the tweakability factor)?
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