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I'm glad to hear the direction is open.

I think both the responses are considering OSC as triggers to effect data... Be it reversing, or "activate take X in active item"

The problem is OSC is data. There is no "active OSC item" to activate a take in. OSC can't yet be stored in items, which could then be manipulated by actions.

That OSC messages can be mapped to actions is an auxiliary concern in the same way that mapping midi to parameters in reaper is a convenience and not the primary design of midi.

It lieu of real items or containers for the OSC data, it seems that it is being off loaded onto the envelopes, which like global space in programming are archaic and inflexible. I can see having both for sure, but starting with one definitely sets a direction for development in the near term.

That is the distinction that I am concerned about. I feel this concern is valid as NO daw manufacturer has yet gotten it right, all choosing to offload the data onto the envelopes, and as a result OSC, which should have been a no brainer has failed in the fifteen years of its existence to gain mass acceptance and replace midi, despite no having technological hurdles standing in the way.
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