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I'm just getting back from a work visit. I have been hoping for and dreading OSC implementation in Reaper for a while. Could someone help paint a picture of what it is and isn't at the moment.

I have always worred that Open Sound Control would be implemented like the midi learn functions in reaper, as automation, which I find to be very unfriendly to compositionally minded Reaper users. Are any of these possible with the current incarnation of OSC?

multiple performance takes
time stretching
cutting sections
gluing sections
muting events
muting sections/items
combining data in free item positiong mode
displacing data in time
reversing data
inverting data
ghost parts
combing multiple items with data from different parameters
storing in the project bay
js processing

As a MIDI replacement, which is what it is designed for, OSC implemented as automation is a dreadful idea, as the compositional operations that are common to the midi workflow of every single music sequencer are simply discarded in favor of nothing at all, save resolution. Many OSC parameters like notes, in no way belong on an automation envelope.

Are my worst fears coming to fruition or is the plan sound?
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