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Originally Posted by Spyrow View Post
That's another battle my friend. All I know now is that I got MIDI feedback in Reaper for the first time and I am loving it.
Indeed. I'm already quite a happy camper.
Originally Posted by Spyrow View Post
If somebody wants the MAX/MSP patch just PM me.
I have a simple test patch working for anyone who wants it as well, for Pure data, which many may prefer (since it is free, and runs on all platforms including iOS). [EDIT: Oh wait, I forgot to think of the free Max runtime - that should work, too.] I think we should just post our REAPER-related patches on the forum or the stash, but for the moment, since the REAPER OSC implementation is very likely to be changed (i.e. fixed for the bug described above) within a matter of days, perhaps even minutes anyway, my patch would only have very limited use (as soon as the bug is fixed, we shouldn't need some patch for message order conversion in the return path, so we can just take Pd / Max / whatever out of the loop). Feel free to ask me for it though. [EDIT: Since the the required features of the OSC implementation now seem to have been fixed, I have posted my patch with instructions here.

Your MIDI feedback enabling patch will probably be useful for a longer lifespan (although I remain hopeful for a native solution sooner rather than later), so I guess it would be useful to make a Pd version of it as well. I'll be glad to try and convert it to Pd (which shouldn't be much of a problem for this type of patch), so I'll shoot you a PM for it indeed.

For those interested, my latest simple test project used REAPER with only a JS similar to the dummy posted by schwa, but expanded to 8 sliders; then in Numerology 3 Pro I used its OSC learn function for 8 sliders (in an instance of its FaderBox module), and routed Numerology's OSC output to Pure data; in Pd I made a simple patch to receive OSC, switch numbers around a bit so that the currently latest version of REAPER understands it despite the bug, and finally output it again via OSC to REAPER. The result is that the parameters are linked between the apps bi-directionally, and without the limited resolution of MIDI CC#. Loving it indeed. I can now also use a similar setup to use REAPER to record, edit and play back pretty much whatever I do in Numerology. The love just doesn't stop... and I didn't even hook up the bunch of iPhones I have, yet.
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