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what is the status on controlling fx parameters with osc now? I see some posts saying it's being done with parameter modualtion or something, but it seems pretty convoluted. Mind you i haven't sifted throught that deeply.

so is there a simple osc command (or set), that that would for example do someting like

current focused plugin\last touched parameter - or something along those lines?


also. I just wanted to repost this response from the other Lemur thread, in respose to Schwa's request for suggestions. Basically, I think the concept of Ableton and the Lemur\Mu setup is worth taking a serious look at. The ease for the end user is just incredible, as there is no programming\UI design at all for the user, just get down to business right away

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. The ultimate would be something like the Mu patch for Lemur\Ableton\Max for Live. It connects to the Ableton API. and is basically "the shit" Load up your Abelton project, and boom you can control the entire UI from you ipad\Lemur, without acutally making any interfaces.

Mu Link:

(though that video is oriented around the clip triggering, the general concept and level of integration is what I'm refereing to - load a plugin - control your DAW!)

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