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Originally Posted by Anton9 View Post
It's me again.., sorry to be such a PITA, but I'm back to square one.
So I use this message thinking it would target FX-1 of track 1.
/track/0/fx/1/fxparam/5/value I also tried /track/1/... but it doesn't work.
What am I missing here?
Tried numbers in this order two, it didn't work.
In glovepie :
to target, for example, track=1, fx=2, fxparam=5

Other example with track=4,fx=7, fxparam=3
SendOsc("localhost",Osc.port,"/track/3/fx/7/fxparam/4/value",MapRange(Joystick1.z, 0,1, 0,1))

It works when you revert everything. Don't ask me why, I don't know osc or glovepie at all, in fact, I was just trying my old sixaxis with the code you posted before, so thanks
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