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It is to bad you couldn't get a publisher with SOME experience with audio technology books

Just from looking over the description, as well having both your other Reaper related books, I think this will be my new "I want to get into this what do I do?" tip. Having more audio books than I can mention from my first Radio Shack "Recording Great Audio" to "The New Audio Cyclopedia" I have a few criticisms for most basic audio books.

One of my criticisms is that in trying to convince the reader that this stuff is not that hard, the reader gets a false sense that they know more than they actually do. What is often implied is "OK you have read this book now go make the next top 40 record" I fell like I know less about audio now than I did when I was in Jr. High (and had no perspective), not because I know less, but because now I know what I don't know. It looks like this book tries to keep things in perspective.

This book seems to give a game-plan for using the knowledge. The hands on approach (thanks to reaper) should be far more valuable for the reader than just having the facts. (not to mention that it helps the reader answer the question "is recording really for me?" before spending hundreds of dollars)

Congratulations, I hope it is a success!!

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