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Originally Posted by Burtan View Post
I can confirm the bug, I'm working on it and improvements on the filter modes.
Excellent, thank you.

One more question, you mentioned earlier that when saving a preset everything is saved (all plugins on all tracks), but when recalling only non filtered items are restored.

I have a project for my band's live performance that has 80 tracks and will contain 70 songs. Already with 7 songs the Reaper file is 250 MB. I plan to have at least 50-60 presets stored which I fear might bloat the file even more.

Would it be possible to change the implementation so only non filtered items are stored ?

For example, if I have say 6-7 presets for various vocal plugins, all on Vocal track, storing all other plugins of other 80 tracks seems like a waste of space and surely can't help performance either.

I'm afraid this might not be easy to implement, but I figured I can at least ask.

Thanks again for a great add-on.
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