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Thinking about this some more, and sorry if this goes too far into feature request-territory. I think the fundamental thing missing in Reaper from a mastering perspective, is some way to represent an "album" or "disc" as well as the corresponding individual "tracks". Or maybe call them "songs" instead, since "Track" already has a different meaning.

When exporting a DDP this can be sort of emulated by using a region to define the bounds of the album, and markers with names beginning with "#" for the start of each song. Metadata for the songs is passed through the "#"-markers, and metadata for the album through a single marker starting with "@" placed somewhere within the export region.

If there was a way to render a region (album/disc) and split into individual files at "#"-markers (songs), while also embedding the DDP-formatted metadata, then we would probably have a very happy bunch of mastering people (myself inculded). Something like a "Split at markers starting with #"-option when rendering.

If there was a more elegant way to add album/disc metadata to the region(s), song metadata to the markers, and then be able to render each album/region to both DDP, as well as individual wave/mp3-files for each song, with full metadata embedding, well then Wavelab/Pyramix/Sequoia/Samplitude/etc would have some serious competition.
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