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Originally Posted by numberthirty View Post

I'm not going to say that no one does it. This just sounds a lot more like it is what you want to believe than it is something that actually happens.
Most of my friends have some type of gear to at least polish the finished product. If you ask Mr Google, I'm sure you will come up with countless numbers of people using not only LA2A but other stuff as well at home studio. I got a feeling that I've come up on people here that think that plugins are just us good or better than hardware. I can't help to wonder if they ever even had a piece of really good hardware unit to work with, otherwise how else they could make that argument. And I'm not talking about budget Miaudio, Behringer, Alesis and alikes.
Worn out old computer, junky old hardware, some cables, mixer with a lot of knobs and plugins with pictures of knobs.
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