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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It's called differentiation. If the big studio doesn't have anything that sets them apart, why the hell go there? Do you realize how many people demand pro tools for no other reason than something popular was recorded using it?

Also, people emotionally attach themselves to what they grew up hearing, regardless of how good it was, it is good to them and burned into their memories. It's also a matter of what went through that gear, aka very good music/musicians/performers going through any gear makes the gear itself sound better - psychologically, that alone sells a shit ton of gear.
I think it's because a proper music studio is like an instrument itself. It needs to accomodate different kinds of artists and engineers as some prefer to work in the box and others prefer to work with outboard equipment because it goes through a patch bay and WYSIWYG. No guessing about what plugins are there or not, and if they have a tape machine and a patch bay they don't need to turn the Mac on.
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