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Originally Posted by Softsynth View Post
Thanks for the video link, but with so many variables to consider when watching one guy mix with plugins or hardware it really is worthless anecdotal stuff.
I will agree with Numberthirty here, you have some sacred cows you don't want to slaughter (or perhaps you even want to promote). This is harmless enough religion, if you can afford it.
In almost all of these discussions, I always wonder if people that worry about these things are listening to music and going, dammit that one has fake verb, OK this has good analog gear, ooohh, this one must have used an analog compressor, and that has to be an 1987 les paul with Ernie Ball strings. They probably do and are likely wrong 50% of the time.

I care about subtlety but testing one's self with A/B/X and other methods will really take a lot of this out of the picture so we can get back to work. I agree anecdote will get us nowhere and the most famous audio guys have a terrible understanding of digital and make claims they don't even understand. It also matters that if someone uses anything for 30 years (digital or analog) they get to know it so well, they can't replicate anywhere else and that has nothing to do with how good said gear/code is.
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