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Why would big studios still use multi thousand Dollar hardware setups when they could just use cheap plugins. Think about that.
But it also depends on music genre. For electronic music VSTs are good enough but looking at any serious studio that records rock or older music, they use hardware for a reason. I do 60's music and must say that using VSTs can be a headache to get it to sound like it should. I have to mix some analog elements in it, starting with recording through analog mixing desk, than maybe adding reverb, delay, distortion etc all through mixer or tube preamps just so I can get some mojo in the mix. Yes I have VST saturations and what ever but it just doesn't sound the same.
On the other hand, when I mix electronic music, it's only VSTs, ever VST reverbs. It can sound somewhat plastic but usually that suits it ok.
Worn out old computer, junky old hardware, some cables, mixer with a lot of knobs and plugins with pictures of knobs.

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